Tainted Grail Quickplay Box Insert

Printed Tainted Grail Quickplay Box Insert

We have created a Tainted Grail: the Fall of Avalon Quickplay Box Insert that we are quite happy with. It allows you to set up this great story-driven game very easily and quickly. But as you might know; we don’t like set-up time nor clean-up time, so this game needed an insert to conquer both of these.

The first part is the tokens box (food tokens, resource tokens, etc.) with the Menhirs. Then, the second part is the box for location cards, small cards, dice, and dials. You can just take this insert out and place it directly onto the table and it is ready to use for the game. We have 4 different deck boxes in different colors so you know easily who you are going to pick.

The next part is the event box which holds all the event cards and encounter cards. All arranged and ready to be put on the table for immediate play. We also included a slot for extra unneeded cards. Then comes the most important: the miniatures, which are held in nice little protective slots.

Quicksave player tray

Onto the player board tray, the player board tray holds everything you need. What more do you want from a box insert? You don’t need to do score tracking anymore, you don’t need to fill in forms for how many resources you have, it is all right in front of you.

There are also some slots in the player tray to hold cards when you are traveling around and little slots underneath your upgrades and yes, they do fit sleeved cards.

If you have upgrades cards you can store them in your player board and close the lid. And don’t worry, you can shake the player board around, flip it over, turn it on the side with the lid on and everything inside stays in place.

We have 4 separate player boards that make an easy set-up, in fact, no setup. Just open the lid and you’re ready.

And that is everything, the game is now ready for play in less than 2 minutes. Easy set-up, easy clean-up.

You can find the 3D files here

Complete box insert (including Quicksave Player Tray)
Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon – Quickplay Box Insert
Quicksave Player Tray
Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon – Quick Save Player Tray

Thank you for all the support already. Let us know in the comments what you think!