Rising Sun: Phoenix – painting tutorial

Rising sun Phoenix painted

The Phoenix model from Rising Sun can give you nice benefits in the game and is also very nice to paint. The wings have a firey gradient which is great to practice your wet-blending skills.

As always we start by priming the model, in this case using Color Primer Desert Yellow. When choosing a color to prime your models make sure you take a color that you want to be using anyway, this saves time in the end.

Paint the body and face with Brainmatter Beige.

Armor painted with Greedy Gold, for a deeper gold look.

Then cover it with Bright Gold to give some more definition to the highlighted areas.

Paint the fire under her feet first with Babe Blond.

Then we will use a wet blend with 4 colors at the same time: Babe Blond again (make sure it is wet), Phoenix Flames over the raised edges, Mythical Orange on top of that but smaller strokes, and to finish it off tips of Pure Red for the tips of the flame.

We will then do the same with the wings but then the other way around. We start with Pure Red en wet-blend up to the tip until we reach Babe Blond at the tips of the feathers.

Crushed Sore for the hair and the top of her dress.

Desert Yellow for the clothes she is wearing and to clean up some parts. Also, wet-blend the dress of her with this color and the Crushed Sore.

Wizards Orb for the eyes on the feather clothes she is wearing (just like the eyes on the feathers of a peacock)

Wasteland Soil, to tip in some small dots in the Wizards Orb.

We now use the Citadel Yellow Shade on the wings and dress.

Then we go over to The Army Painter Dark Tone Wash and put it on top of the hair. Ather this water down the wash to about 50% water and 50% wash and use it for the armor, face and body. We do this to prevent the model from getting too dark and keep the vibrant yellows alive.

As the last step, we glaze all the wings, dress and fire with the Citadel Lamenters Yellow Glaze to brighten up all the colors. And that’s it, we are done!

Paints used: