Rising Sun: Oni of Spite – painting tutorial

Rising sun is an amazing game with fantastic quality miniatures. In this post, we’ll be taking you through the step-by-step process of painting Oni of Spite using The Army Painter paints.

First off, we started by putting a base coat on the model, we used Uniform Grey color primer (but you can also use Matt Black Undercoat)

Paint his robe with Matt Black.

Put a base layer of Chaotic Red on the inside of the robe. This should make sure the lighter reds require fewer coats.

Paint the same area again, but use a lighter red like Pure Red instead.

Use Gun Metal to paint the armor and axe.

Oak Brown can be used for the handle of the axe.

Use Greedy Gold for details on the armor and axe (Tip: use the side of a small brush for more control)

For the skulls we used Spaceship Exterior (Don’t forget the skull on the handle of the axe)

Use the Red Tone wash to create some shading on the red area’s.

All remaining areas can be shaded with the Dark Tone wash.

We now use Shiny Silver, a lighter metallic color to highlight the edges of the armor and axe.

All golden areas can be highlighted with Bright Gold.

Use Pure Red again for a few small highlights to make the washed red a little more vibrant again.

That’s it, all done!

Paints we used: