Onitama Quickplay Box Insert

Onitama Quickplay Box insert

Konichiwa gamers! This is the Quickplay box insert for the board game Onitama. A box insert we created that fits into the core box of Onitama, but also holds all components for both expansions Way of the Wind and Path of the Sensei.

It’s one of our favorite 2 player games. Mainly because it’s quick, a game of Onitama takes about 15 minutes. Although the game is quick, it’s also quite “thinky”, but still very easy to teach to new players. The game has recognizable chess-like rules to it with a nice twist.

We love it so much that we bought all of the expansions (Way of the Wind and Path of the Sensei). The only problem we had was that not everything fit into one box. Although the expansion boxes were beautiful we just wanted our game in one single box without the hassle of bringing multi boxes. With our Onitama Quickplay Box Insert both expansions fit into the core box for Onitama so you can get it to the table faster and you don’t have to carry around 3 separate boxes. Ready to game!

Get your Onitama Quickplay 3D Files now. Minimum printer build size required: 300x300cm.

Onitama insert