Oak & Iron upgrades

Oak And Iron Upgrades

Oak & Iron cheatsheet

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with all the games we own. As rules get mixed up one of the first things we look for is ways to learn the game without going through big rulebooks. Sometimes this means making a short summary of the core rules so we can glance over them when we haven’t played the game for a while. 

This is exactly what we did for Oak & Iron, a historical naval tactics game set in the age of piracy. If you’re interested you can download the cheatsheet for free by clicking the button below.

Download Cheatsheet

Create your own rocky terrain for Oak & Iron

We wouldn’t be calling ourselves Next Level Board Gaming if we didn’t try to upgrade games to the next level. Something we did for Oak & Iron is create 3D islands to make the setting look more immersive. 

You can download the 3D Island bases for free so you can print them yourself in case you own a 3D-printer. If not, we offer both 3D-printed island bases + plaster cast rocks in our shop.

Download Island Bases 3D files

Not done upgrading Oak & Iron?

Have a look at our 3D printable Box Insert we made for Oak & Iron. It holds the core box, Men of War, Ships on the Line and Blackbeard’s Revenge expansions.

Ship tray background

In addition to our Quickplay Box Insert we created some free printable backgrounds to stick behind the Ship tray. Just an esthetics thing, feel free to download.

Download background core box Download background expansion box
Oak & Iron Background

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  1. RobertF Thompson says:

    Purchased the O&I box organizer, had a friend print them for me, and I downloaded the backgrounds. This is a fantastic orginizer. Holds the ships safely in an easy access display orientation. And keeps all tokens and templates ready for play. Definitely speeds my set up time. Thank you.

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