Nemesis Quickplay box insert

Nemesis Quickplay box insert


First of all, I got to give some props to Awaken Realms, for making a box insert that will suit the needs of most people. Great insert, but as you might know, we are all about that quick setup time, and we think we slightly improved in that area with Nicks Quickplay box insert. As with all Quickplay box inserts we make, you can download the .STL files for free and print your own insert if you have a 3D printer. This insert is not the only thing we will be revealing for this game, we will also be showcasing a playable 3D terrain board for Nemesis really soon! We think it’s the best 3D game board we’ve made so far. If you’re interested in seeing this subscribe to this channel or follow us on social media. 

Download STL files

Anyways let me tell you something about this insert. As you can see the first part is the miniature display. You can take it straight from the box and put it next to the board so you can easily reach out for spawning aliens and such. Besides its good to keep these aliens in plain sight, you don’t want these babies to sneak up on you and grab you. 😛

The next two parts that are unloaded are the token holders. They’re also nice to keep close to the board since you’ll be needing these during the game.

For the other part, it’s probably easier to keep in the box, so the table doesn’t get filled up with stuff you won’t need during the game. The part we’re showing here is the cardholder, which has sections to hold all the different cards, from item cards to event cards.