Nemesis 3D board game diorama

Nemesis 3D Board Game Diorama

Back in September 2018, we traveled from The Netherlands to Poland to visit Awaken Realms and show off our playable 3D game board for Lords of Hellas. After playing on the board, AR founder Marcin Świerkot had planted a little seed in our heads. “A 3D board like this would be great for a game like Nemesis“, he said. This got us thinking, would we be able to pull it off building such a complex board keeping playability in mind? It definitely was a challenge, involving 3D modeling, 3D printing, working with LEDs and electric wiring, painting and a lot more. But after a lot of hard work, the playable diorama for Nemesis is finally here!

As always, we love to give you some insights into how we do it. In our tutorial, we take you through all the steps on how to build a board like this.

Product and material used and are listed below. 

STL files
All Nemesis 3D files created by us can be downloaded for free. In the folder for 3D walls you’ll find a number indicating how many times you’ll need to print them for the build. For example: “#1 9x.stl” means that Wall number 1 needs to be printed 9 times. Some files might not fit the printing bed of your 3D printer, but there are online tools such as Meshmixer that can help you slice the 3D objects into smaller parts. 


  • Plywood board 120x60cm
  • Anycubic Chiron large bed 3D printer
  • PLA Fillament




  • Parchment paper
  • Masking Tape 40mm
  • Baking Soda (super glue activator)


  • 10 meter LED strip
  • 5 meter Neon strip


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