Narcos Quickplay box insert

Narcos insert

As our game collection grows, and the time we have to play all those games reduces, setup time becomes an important issue to us. In most cases we prefer to play a game that’s easy to setup over a game that has lots of setup time. For this reason Nick created Quickplay box inserts to get us in the game as quickly as possible, in case of Narcos setup takes us about 2 minutes!

Download STL files

The insert is 3D printed in 4 parts that fit in the box perfectly. The first one is the double layered card holder, it holds both larger cards as small cards underneath. The second one is a token holder. You simply take it from the box out to the table. It doesn’t require a lot of space on the table and all tokens will be in reach when you need them.

The third one holds the hideout notepad and some room for a pen. In case Pablo has some leftover cash that needs hiding, he can store in underneath the secret compartment under the notepad. The last part is the miniature display. The original insert was actually pretty good, but all miniatures had a designated place, and figuring out where a specific mini goes takes more time than we thought needed. That’s why the minis go in any slot.