Lords of Hellas: Cerberus painting tutorial

Cerberus LOH Painted

Every now and then a new game comes along and just hits that sweet spot. For me, that was Lords of Hellas, it’s close to my favorite game at this moment if not my favorite. It was no surprise that we wanted to pimp this game to the max to get fully involved in the awesome world Awaken Realms created. You can find a detailed tutorial on how to make a 3D Lords of Hellas game board here. If you’re more interested in how to paint the Miniatures you’ve come to the right place, as we will be painting Cerberus.

As always we start by priming the model. In this case I used Color Primer Gun Metal, because it’s supposed to be a metallic beast. When spraying make sure you hit the model from different angles at about 20cm distance. The coverage is important because the primer serves as a surface the paint sticks to, without it there’s always a risk paint won’t stick to the model.

Once that was done I decided to start working on the fire between its chest and eyes. The reason I did this first is because the crack in the chest is tough to reach and I wanted to get this out of the way so I didn’t have to do much corrections later on when the model was in a further stage of being painted. To get a fire-like effect I combined 3 colors of orange and yellow starting with the darkest: Lava Orange. I covered all the cracks and the whole cilinders for the eyes. Now the idea of a fire effect is that it’s orange on the outside of the flames and light yellow or even white closest to the center where the fire is at its hottest. So when applying the next layer of orange: Fire Lizard, make sure you cover most of the area but leave the outer edges for the Lava Orange to come through. Lastly we carefully paint towards the center with Babe Blonde.

From what I could see on the concept art, these were the only colors used. But I felt like the mini could use some more color variations and decorations to make it pop more. I decided on adding some bronze metallics, starting with True Copper and later Rough Iron. From here I just painted whatever I imagined to be bronze, the chains, some bolts and other small details.

Then it was time to put a shade on the model. Since the model was still very shiny I wanted different levels of shade, in example I wanted the metal in the cracks to be very dark, almost oily. So I made sure to cover these with multiple layers of Dark Tone wash from The Army Painter. Watch out to not apply wash over the fire effects as it will dull the color.

After applying the shade I lost some brightness in places where I wanted it to be bright and shiny, for example the shoulder plating and head. I made sure to cover these with a layer of Gun Metal and later on highlight it with Shining Silver.

At this point the paintjob is basically done, the only thing I added was Arid Earth to make the fire effect a bit more vibrant and Matt Black for the base. After this was dry I took an old brush and put some PVA glue on the base to later cover it with a mixture of various flocks. To seal off the model I used Matt varnish, this is a transparant spray that should protect your paintjob from brave heroes and angry gods. Voila, Cerberus is ready to hunt or be hunted!