Custom Warcry Flesh Hound Cards

Warcry Flesh Hound Custom Cards

Flesh Hounds

As you might know, for playing Warcry you can use regular Warcry warbands or characters from your other Warhammer armies. For this, You do need the upgrade card packs. This increases the replayability of this game greatly and it’s a fun thing to play around with. We made a Warband out of the Warcry: Blades of Khorne Daemons Cards set. And then created our own custom cards with color-coded Flesh Hound miniatures, matching the ones we painted.

Stats are used as the original stats of the Flesh Hound cards. One of them is the baby Flesh Hound and he is carrying the stats of a standard Blood Letter.

While making these cards we had to make some sacrifices. For example, with leader, the big Karanak, The Hound of Vengeance. We have changed his large base to a medium 60mm oval base like a normal Flesh Hound. Then as an extra, we take the Flesh Hound that is standing on one leg. We’ve reduced its size by chopping out parts of his legs, tail, and web in his face to look smaller. (see the pictures below) And lastly, we have glued him to a base size of the normal Blood Letter. Otherwise it would not be fair play.

Flesh Hound Custom miniature

Download Custom Warcry Flesh Hound cards Print & Play file

Are you’re interested in printing Custom Warcry cards Flesh Hound yourself? Click on the link to download the print & play file. This is in no way related to the official Warcry products, just fanmade adjustments.

Do you want to create your own custom cards? A handy way to do this by using this Warcry card creator.