Blood Rage – 3D-printed game board

Blood Rage 3D printable board

Blood Rage 3D Game board 2.0

Most people agree when I say Blood Rage was a great success, we’ve played this game a crazy amount of times, but with all the new games we’ve been playing lately, it kind of got lost on our radar. As we received some new monsters and other components from the latest Kickstarter, our Blood Rage fire started burning again. New stuff inspired us for a new board. That’s right, this isn’t the first time we attempt making a cool 3D board for Blood Rage. It was all about being big and grandiose. Check out our first Blood Rage 3D board here.

The new board is all about accessibility. Because building a board like this can be very time-consuming, we decided to take out some steps so more people can enjoy it. For starters, the new board is used on top of the game board that comes in the box, saving loads of time casting resin, making a wooden VP counter, etc. Basically, all you need is our custom-created Blood Rage 3D files, a 3D printer, and some scenery products. But you can hear all about that in the video tutorial.

Blood Rage 3D files

Interested in making your own 3D game board for Blood Rage? Make sure to pick up the 3D files here. Minimum printer build size required: 21x21cm.

Materials used